Solid then. Exceptional now.

When Maverick Boat Group bought Cobia Boats in 2005, the goal was to do much more than further a 60 year brand history. From day one, the plan was to bring Cobia to a level in quality, design, and performance consistent with MBG’s legendary Maverick, Hewes and Pathfinder brands.

That started with changing how the boats were built, upgrading materials, and developing new models from the ground up with the latest design technology. Soon thereafter industry experts and members of the marine media took notice. Discerning boaters saw the changes, as well. By 2012, not a single one of the “old” Cobia models was being produced. New models like the 296 CC and later the 277 CC became top sellers in their segments and Cobia emerged as an industry leader in innovation and design.

Today, a new history continues to be forged for Cobia. It is a path being paved on an ever-evolving standard of excellence and a motivation to provide our customers a product that delivers the best possible experiences on the water. Come join us on this journey. You’ll be glad you did.